Don’t Stop

If Singing one song does not make 
you a singer. 
Painting one picture does not make you an artist
Writing one poem/article does not make you an author
Dancing one time does not make you a dancer.
Saying one speech does not make you a public speaker
If Doing any of that once does not make you those…
Then Why does your startup closing down makes you a failure
Then why does failing one exam automatically make you a disappointment? Why does failing to get that interview makes you downtrodden?
Why does not meeting that deadline makes you an underachiever.
You are not a failure when you fail. You are a failure when don’t keep trying.
Keep reading smart to pass that exam.
Don’t stop gettin the right training to start a business.
Don’t stop applying to that company of choice till you get the job.
Don’t stop planning till you can work effectively.
Don’t Stop, Don’t Stop, Don’t stop.
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